Dog Treats made in Regional Australia for Australian Dogs

by Dr Lee Danks
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You’ll see ‘Proudly made in regional NSW’ and ‘100% Australian Chicken, Beef or Kangaroo’ on our packs… and it’s a complete reality.

Let’s unpack this a little further though, as they’re words thrown around on many products, and plastered here and there.

Treats made from Local Ingredients

First and foremost, Every Ingredient Matters®. Every ingredient has a purpose in these treats as they do in the complete and balanced Black Hawk® dog foods. Here it's about high levels of premium fresh meats which are responsibly sourced for their ‘irresistibility’ in the eyes of our best friends.

Supporting ‘the farm next door’

With beef, chicken and kangaroo from local sources, we’re feeding the economy, farms and supply chains which are local to the factory in which Black Hawk® Jerky Treats are made. Beyond the local ingredient story, this means that other Australian businesses involved in every step of the detailed process of getting these treats to you are supported.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Australian-made credentials mean that the carbon footprint of these treats is less than those sourced from overseas, using components which have off-shore origins. Transportation of ingredients and finished products is minimised, as are the many import and storage implications, should they come from afar.

Unparalleled Quality

Australian standards are high standards and we know this because the checks and balances that are in place to ensure high quality are ‘in our back yard’. We have full visibility of what goes into our Jerky Treats, and have a deep understanding of the food safety and certification process’ that need to be adhered to.

The Black Hawk Jerky Treats stay true to our nutritional philosophy, and we have taken time and care in creating a treat that simply ‘works well’ in fulfilling it’s function as something tasty for your best friend. They’re something that dogs consistently crave and work for and a true ‘reward’, that doesn’t break the good habits you’ve established, in feeding good, natural food.


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