Pet Insurance for your Cats

by Sam Allemann
Cat Lover & Foster Carer
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Insurance doesn’t tend to be something we think about … until disaster strikes. I hadn’t even considered pet insurance for my two cats until I was paying thousands of dollars in emergency vet care for them both.

As indoor pets, my cats are usually pretty safe from danger and are in good health. However, after we set up a cat enclosure for them in the backyard, what seemed like a perfect solution turned out not to be when a Tiger Snake slithered inside. I rushed my cats to the emergency vet and after hours of monitoring and antivenom, they were (incredibly fortunately!) alive and well.

My bank balance however wasn’t looking so good.

The Benefits of Cat Insurance for Me

Pet insurance for cats, even indoor ones, can save you lots of money and stress should things go awry. My insurance covers the cost of treatment in the case of accidents and illness. It also helps me to be proactive when it comes to my cat’s general wellbeing by getting regular check-ups, as most of our vet bills are covered.

Starting my Search

There are many pet insurance companies to choose from, so I found it helpful to read through brochures from the vet and do some Googling. I also asked friends with pets who they were with to get their testimonials.

Understanding your Needs

After the visit from the snake (who we never found!), the cat enclosure days were over. My cats are now indoor pets and therefore are less at risk of being hit by a car, getting involved in fights with other animals or having another encounter with a snake.

They’re also relatively young, with no pre-existing conditions. Because of this I didn’t need to get a top level of insurance cover, and instead chose general cover that was less expensive for us. You could opt for accident only insurance or find another cover that best suits your pet’s needs.

Getting Insurance

Once I decided on a pet insurance provider, I filled in a form online to start the process (you could also call instead if you like). If there’s anything you don’t understand in terms of what’s covered and what’s not, I'd suggest you ask this before you sign up.

While having to set aside money each month for insurance can seem like a big ask if money is tight, it’s worth the peace of mind of knowing your pets will be tended to if they’re unwell or injured.


This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute proper insurance advice. We recommend you conduct your own research to find what's right for your circumstances.