Bringing Home Your New Puppy - First Days

by Black Hawk
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First days with your new puppy

It’s a big, unfamiliar world out there for a new puppy, so try to dedicate at least the first day home to helping it transition to its new life. Scent or familiar objects from where it was raised can help, according to Jess.

Bring an object from the environment it was in – it can be quite scary for a little puppy so you want to familiarise them with something that they already recognise. A piece of bedding, the same toy; it all helps.

At the beginning, keep the puppy in one room until it feels comfortable in the new space. Set up an accessible, quiet area with blankets so it can slip away if it’s tired or overwhelmed. Dogs are den animals, and generally prefer sheltered spots like covered crates (if you have a wire crate, try throwing a blanket over it). Yours Droolly have a variety of quality pens and crates in different sizes.

Once your pup is feeling more confident, the rest of the house can be explored in stages. If the puppy is skittish, it might help to use a lead when getting acquainted with new areas – particularly outdoor spaces.
The settling-in period varies between puppies; some need almost no time at all, while others may be nervous or sleep most of the day. Be patient, and pull back on the new experiences when you notice the puppy is looking overwhelmed.